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Re: Stability of -current for a Xen Dom0 machine


On Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 4:04 PM, Stefano Marinelli
<> wrote:
> Hello everybody. I've had a Hetzner root server running Debian Linux as XEN 
> Dom0 and some DomUs (some are NetBSD) with good results. Now I'd like to 
> upgrade the server and get a new machine. The idea would be to put 
> NetBSD-current as Dom0 (mainly because of LVM support, that I badly need) and 
> then migrate the DomUs to the new machine.
> No problems with the procedure (even if it's not straightforward, I've done 
> some tests in some local VMs), but I'd like to ask you (surely more 
> experienced than me in NetBSD) if it's a wise choice or if, using -current, I 
> will likely run into problems. Actually, also the "famous" Debian Stable has 
> some drawbacks with Xen, while all my NetBSD dom0 (5.1 release, anyway) never 
> lost a hit.
> As far as I see, -current is the only way to have LVM.

Yes current is only option for you to get LVM.




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