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Re: mkisofs CD/DVD size question

On Jun 19,  9:22am, "Maurizio Caloro" wrote:
} it's possible to create 650/4500Mb ISO files with mkisofs?, i try
} following switches without success.

     Of course.

} The tree of "/usr/Data" are aprox. 6-8GB
} switches: "-stream-media-size 333000"  CD
}           "-stream-media-size 2305384" DVD
}         "-split-output" create 1 Gb files

>From the man page:

-stream-media-size #
       Select streaming operation and set the media size to #  sectors.
       This  allows  you  to  pipe  the  output of the tar program into
       mkisofs and to create a ISO-9660 filesystem without the need  of
       an intermediate tar archive file.  If this option has been spec-
       ified, mkisofs reads from stdin and creates a file with the name


       Split the output image into several files of approximately 1 GB.
       This helps to create DVD sized ISO-9660 images on operating sys-
       tems without large file support.

NetBSD has large file support, so there is no need to do this.

} Pluto# mkisofs --version
} mkisofs 3.00 (i386-unknown-netbsd5.0.2) Copyright (C) 1993-1997 Eric 
Youngdale (C) 1997-2010 Jörg Schilling

     As this is not part of NetBSD, this is not an appropriate question
for this list.  It would be barely appropriate for pkgsrc-users@ as it
is probably about a package.  However questions about using a package
generally belong on a list dedicated to the package in question.

} Pluto# mkisofs -J -v -stream-media-size 333000 -no-pad -o BACKUP.ISO 
} Files with Path
} Files with Path
} Files with Path
} Writing:   Initial Padblock                        Start Block 0
} Done with: Initial Padblock                        Block(s)    16
} Writing:   Primary Volume Descriptor               Start Block 16
} Done with: Primary Volume Descriptor               Block(s)    1
} Writing:   End Volume Descriptor                   Start Block 17
} Done with: End Volume Descriptor                   Block(s)    1
} Writing:   Version block                           Start Block 18
} Done with: Version block                           Block(s)    1
} Writing:   Stream File Path table                  Start Block 19
} Done with: Stream File Path table                  Block(s)    2
} Writing:   Directory tree cleanup                  Start Block 21
} Done with: Directory tree cleanup                  Block(s)    0
} Writing:   Stream File                             Start Block 21
} "here i need to send any break"

     This is expected.  See the manpage snippet above that says when
you use the -stream-media-size option it expects the data to be
presented on standard input.

}-- End of excerpt from "Maurizio Caloro"

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