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Re: exFAT as the new "portable" filesystem?

From "Andy Ruhl" <>:

> Every once in a while the subject of "what filesystem do I use" when
> sharing between multiple operating systems shows up on NetBSD lists,
> so I'm hoping we can keep that going.

> I had previously said that UDF was supposed to be the solution to this
> problem, but I've found it very difficult to back that up. It's hard
> to format a UDF filesystem on something other than optical media.

> So I bought one of these new skinny Macs recently (not worth the $$ if
> anyone wants my opinion) and noticed that one of the format options is
> "ExFAT" aka exFAT.

> I read the Wikipedia page on it, and it seems semi promising:


> It might be yet another Microsoft closed filesystem, but if it's the
> next "FAT" filesystem it might be the right answer for a portable
> filesystem.

> Anyone else have input? Is there any work in NetBSD to support it yet
> (I haven't checked the code and I'm not in the kernel list, but I
> don't see anything on Google).

> Andy

I checked the Wikipedia link; remember reading about this new FAT version a few 
months ago.

Disadvantage is that it is closed-source proprietary Microsoft, open to MS 
saber-rattling about patent infringement.

I haven't got to try xfs yet but see Linux, NetBSD and FreeBSD have available 
packages/ports (xfsprogs) to support this file system.

Only place I could try it now is on a USB stick.  I don't even know the 
partition ID number for xfs, how I would tell fdisk or NetBSD disklabel that 
the partition is for xfs, or if that is necessary.


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