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Re: exFAT as the new "portable" filesystem?

On Sat, 20 Nov 2010, Thomas Mueller wrote:

> I checked the Wikipedia link; remember reading about this new FAT 
> version a few months ago.
> Disadvantage is that it is closed-source proprietary Microsoft, open to 
> MS saber-rattling about patent infringement.

Not saber-rattling, you *will* need a licence to ship devices (or, in the 
US, code) that supports exFAT:

exfat is going to be a very real problem for open source operating 

I've used ext2fs to move files between os's see this:

But i don't know the state of the ext2 drivers for OS X and windows on the 
latest versions of OS X and windows, iirc it dosn't work anymore :(

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