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Re: Transfer .iso to USB flash


You can have a look at this script to transform
a netbsd ISO image to an USB image.

It requires a NetBSD system to run (to install the NetBSD bootloader) and
sysutils/cdrtools from pkgsrc.

$ sh i386cd-5.0.1.iso i386memstick-5.0.1.img

Then dd the image on your USB stick

Hope this helps.

> On Wed, 18 Aug 2010 22:34:33 -0700 Matt Thomas
> <> wrote:
>> ISO is just another file system.  Many will boot an ISO off a hard
>> drive or USB stick.
>> dd if=cdromi.iso of=/dev/rsd0d (or rsd0c)
> I've never gotten that to work, either by dd'ing to the raw device or
> to a bootable MBR partition. I'm not sure why it doesn't work, but it
> doesn't, at least on the machines where I've tried it. OTOH, I've
> consistently gotten things to work by copying the contents of the ISO
> onto a different file system on a bootable MBR partition on the USB
> stick.
> Perry
> --
> Perry E. Metzger    

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