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Re: Transfer .iso to USB flash

On Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 5:49 PM, Francisco Valladolid 
<> wrote:
> Hi, I have to .ISO image bootable, and want transfer it to my USB stick,
> I'm using the next dd command
> # dd if=cdrom.iso of=/dev/sd0e bs=512
> While it transfer all contents, I cant boot it in my computer.
> Exist some extra parameter to dd, or is not possible ?

As far as I know you have the prepare the USB stick for booting and
copy the files over manually.  Looks like there was an article in the
wiki about it at,
but the wiki seems to be in limbo.   Googling for "netbsd usb stick"
turned up several hits that look useful, such as this one:


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