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Re: Transfer .iso to USB flash

Francisco Valladolid <> writes:

> Hi, I have to .ISO image bootable, and want transfer it to my USB stick,
> I'm using the next dd command
> # dd if=cdrom.iso of=/dev/sd0e bs=512
> While it transfer all contents, I cant boot it in my computer.
> Exist some extra parameter to dd, or is not possible ?

Not possible, because

  iso filesystem format is different than on-disk format, and computers
  don't boot iso images from regular disks

  boot methods are different

so what I think you want to do is:

  newfs the usb stick
  mount the cdrom and the usb stick
  rsync the cdrom contents to the usb stick

  run installboot to install 1st and 2nd stage bootblocks.

This is not too hard if you are familiar with bootblocks and have a
netbsd system to do it with.  If not, it's somewhat difficult.  man

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