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Re: Xinit don't appair remote?

If we keep this conversation on the mailing list there's a better chance
that someone else might offer helpful advice.

On Mon, 16 Aug 2010 22:11 +0200, "Caloro Maurizio" <>
> I want the Desktop from Startx on the XP Windows Desktop.
> Here i have found a picture from Google.
> Windows as Background, and in a window Startx

startx isn't a desktop, it just does what it says: starts an X server.
It then runs a script in your home directory (usually ~/.xinitrc), and
that script launches kde (for the example in the screenshot you linked
to) gnome, or some other desktop environment or window manager.

You already have a (remote) X server running, so you don't want to
start a new X server, you just want to start the all the programs
you're used to.  Is there a ~/.xinitrc or ~/.xsession file in your home
directory?  If so, you might try to run it directly from your ssh
session.  In other words, once you've started up Xming and opened the
ssh connection, try running

sh ~/.xinitrc

Better yet, have a look inside the file and see which commands you care
about; some of them may not make sense for a remote X connection.

-- Ian Leroux

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