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I hate emulators.


I hate emulator. All of them. They all suck.

* I tried Virtual Box, but as you saw, it won't run NetBSD because my
CPU doesn't support VT-x.

* I tried QEMU, but it cannot emulate a network card that NetBSD can
recognize. Supposedly QEMU defaults toemulating a single NE2000 PCI
card that bridges to the host's network. But somehow, NetBSD won't see

* I tried Bochs, but I can't figure out how to make it do anything at
all, it just dies. Hours reading the docs, no use.

* I went to the VMware website but they cant be troubled to explain
the difference between their products because they are too busy trying
to tell you how great they are or trying to get all your personal
information. I might go back there tomorrow, but today I'm too
frustrated and I'll probably just end up throwing my computer out the

Anyway, thanks for listening.

In principle I would consider just using my regular computer and
dual-booting, but I want to have my regular OS available to browse the
web and do stuff.

Intolerant people should be shot.

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