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Re: I hate emulators.

On Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 7:43 PM, Daniel Carrera <> 
> Rant:
> -------
> I hate emulator. All of them. They all suck.
> * I tried Virtual Box, but as you saw, it won't run NetBSD because my
> CPU doesn't support VT-x.
> * I tried QEMU, but it cannot emulate a network card that NetBSD can
> recognize. Supposedly QEMU defaults toemulating a single NE2000 PCI
> card that bridges to the host's network. But somehow, NetBSD won't see
> it.
> * I tried Bochs, but I can't figure out how to make it do anything at
> all, it just dies. Hours reading the docs, no use.
> * I went to the VMware website but they cant be troubled to explain
> the difference between their products because they are too busy trying
> to tell you how great they are or trying to get all your personal
> information. I might go back there tomorrow, but today I'm too
> frustrated and I'll probably just end up throwing my computer out the
> window.
> Anyway, thanks for listening.
> In principle I would consider just using my regular computer and
> dual-booting, but I want to have my regular OS available to browse the
> web and do stuff.

QEMU should definitely work.  Do you see anything in your boot
messages talking about the network card?  I seem to recall QEMU
supporting something other than an ne2000 as well.

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