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Re: HP Compaq NC6320

On 25 June 2010 15:32, Matthias Kretschmer <> 
> Hello,
> has anyone experiences with this notebook?  I'm interested in such
> a computer and would want to know if it runs NetBSD well and if it
> is a reliable and durable notebook.

I used to have an HP nx6310 for about three and a half years,
tripple-booting Windows, NetBSD (always the -current of the day) and
lately OpenSolaris. I realize it is not the same machine, my CPU was
just Core Duo, so 32-bit only. It was generally OK, but I managed to
break the left hinge twice, second time past warranty, so gave it back
for stationary use (I got a ThinkPad T61p, which is close to perfect
for me).

Hardwarewise, everything worked under NetBSD, even suspend/resume
(occasionally, depending on the mood of the kernel of the day...).

> Best Regards,
>  Matthias Kretschmer

Chavdar Ivanov


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