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Help on serial ports


I need some help on accessing serial ports.

I have following problem: a microcontroller sends data via a serial line. A
self- programmed applicartion in TCL catchs the data from the serial line and
feed a webserver with those data. My Script in TCL works fine on OpenBSD 4.5.

Now I've ported the script to NetBSD 5.0.2. My serial device is "/dev/ttyU0"
and my script fails. No data I received.

No I try to communicate with 2 USB-RS232 Adapters and a nullmodem cable. I try
to send data from one /dev/ttyU0 to /dev/ttyU1 and catch the data on the last
device. But all fails. I tried many steps but all fails. Except one following
setup: one minicom client comunicates via /dev/ttyU0 and another client do it
on /dev/ttyU1. So I think my serial line adapters and the nullmodem cable work
well. But what should I do with my scripts? Can anyone help me?


Volker Wolfram

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