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Re: Help on serial ports

On Mon, 21 Jun 2010 22:16:25 +0200 (Volker Wolfram) wrote:

> No I try to communicate with 2 USB-RS232 Adapters and a nullmodem cable. I try
> to send data from one /dev/ttyU0 to /dev/ttyU1 and catch the data on the last
> device. But all fails. I tried many steps but all fails. Except one following
> setup: one minicom client comunicates via /dev/ttyU0 and another client do it
> on /dev/ttyU1. So I think my serial line adapters and the nullmodem cable work
> well. But what should I do with my scripts? Can anyone help me?

Exactly how are you communicating with the port? I wrote an SMS daemon in C. It 
talks to the modem via a serial port. I had to do a *lot* of low level hacking 
to get that port talking to me. I would be happy to post the code if it is 
going to help.
Michael Smith
+61 416 062 898

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