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ipf nat question: how do you exclude specific ports from being portmapped


xbox live needs to avoid portmapping the xbox port (3074).  In other words the 
port number needs to be the same on both sides of the router/firewall.

This can be accomplished a couple of ways. The ipnat.conf line

        map wm0 -> 0/32

without (or before) a portmap line does the trick.  Or, more restrictively, if 
the xbox has a static IP address,

        map wm0 -> 0/32

before the portmap line

        map wm0 -> 0/32 portmap tcp/udp 40000:60000

also works.

It would be nice, however, to be able to restrict the mapping to a single port 
and, optionally, IP address. Something like

        map wm0 except port 3074 -> 0/32
                portmap tcp/udp 40000:60000


        map wm0 port 3074  -> 0/32 port 3074


        map wm0 port 3074  -> 0/32 port 3074

It seems like the last line whic specifies both the address and the port should 
be equivalent to

        rdr wm0 0/0 port 3074 -> port 3074 tcp/udp

but I was unable to get that to work.

If ipf missing this capability, or have I misread the specifications.



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