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New to NetBSD - Compiling KERNEL and Packages Question.

Hi There guys.

I'm new to NetBSD OS, I've bees using FreeBSD for many years, and cuaz
FreeBSD doesn't support Xen as Dom0 and do not want to use Linux, I'll give
it a try.
Found some stuff very similar which make feel confortable with the OS, just
read the Docs on-line for a while and things seems to be going along its

Now, I'm in the phase of tunning/installing/playing with kernel
configuration and so on, and I have a doubt about packages, do not know if
this belongs to here of to the pkgsrc-user list, but do not wanna
crorss-post., so here I go.

Comparing to FreeBSD, when installing ports I can do *make config" and a
nice ncurses menu appears from where I can choose which compile options I
want to tune, for example, mplayer, which has
lots of options, I did not find something similar here, but taking a look at
the Makefile I found the CONFIGURE_ARGS directive which it seems it has
*default* options/arguments pased to the .configure script.

So, does it mean that for *EVERY* packages that I want to tweak, I have to
modify direclty the Makefile or is there a global options file for every
package ?

Question 2
Is there a way to tune my KERNEL/packages build regarding the CPU? do not
know how the script process the complile process, but I'd like to
take adventage when compiling things of the CPU, do not want to use a
generic i586 or something like that if I can explicity tell the compliler,
dude, I've got THIS CPU, to take adventage of it and do not use generic, if
I have a penitum, take adeventage of Pentium CPU, if I hve athlon, use
athlon, I can do that under FreeBSD there is a file calle /etc/make.conf
where I can set up global parameters which are taken when compiling the
kernel o packages.

Thanks for your time and support
Best Regards

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