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Re: No way to change audio volume with azalia(4)

Stephen Borrill <> schrieb:
> But that's the way it is on all OSes AFAICS. inputs.dac is the computer 
> audio into the mixing system (input gain if you will). Similarly for CD 
> and line in. outputs.master is the actual output volume control. hdaudio 
> will try to spoof up a link between inputs.dac and outputs.master is 
> one does not exist (actually only one way round in the current version).

You mean, OSS compatibility is the same on all OSes for hd audio

I'm not saying it could be done better, it's just that there is,
AFAIAA, no mixer apart from mixerctl, whether OSS or whatever else,
that handles all the controls provided by hdaudio, which I find

I see there is wip/ in pkgsrc, which is supposed to be a
frontend to mixerctl, but its homepage is dead...


Dennis den Brok

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