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Re: No way to change audio volume with azalia(4)

Aleksey Cheusov <> schrieb:
> Catting to /dev/audio1 doesn't work.
> After linking /dev/mixer to /dev/mixer1, aumix seems to work normally,
> i.e. it shows two volumns with volume and pcm and allows to move box to
> the left and right but audio volume is actually not changed.

As your dmesg suggests, the *1 devices belong to pad0, which is a
virtual device, so the behaviour you are seeing is expected. Cf.
pad(4) for what it's useful for.

> P.S.
> Is there any explanation for that criptic mixerctl -av output?
> How I can know that inputs.dac10 is responsible for volume?

From what will be NetBSD 5.1 on there is another driver for HD
audio devices; hdaudio(4). It is supposed to replace azalia(4) and
to give more meaningful names to mixer controls. You might thus
want to give a kernel from the netbsd-5 branch a try. Don't hold
your breath, though, because it probably still won't work well with
any mixer tool from pkgsrc.


Dennis den Brok

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