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Asus eee 1005HAB

Hi all,

I am new to this list and a newcomer to NetBSD, although I have been using
FreeBSD since 4.x.

I recently purchased an Asus eee netbock, and of course, my desire is to run
a BSD and NOT linux/windows.

I put FreeBSD 8-STABLE on this netbook, hoping that above anything else,
that the wifi worked. Unfortunately the driver is sub-standard at best, with
40 - 90 percent packet loss.

In FreeBSD the wifi card is able to use the ath(4) driver and the card is an
Atheros 9285. This is only supported in the latest STABLE and CURRENT
versions of FBSD and obviously does not work very well.

The gigabit ethernet uses FreeBSD's alc(4) driver and worked quite well
plugged into my network. The chip is listed as Atheros AR8131/AR813.

Earlier this evening I downloaded the NetBSD 5.0.2 i386 iso, burnt to cd,
and installed on the eee. Install was quick and painless however the
ethernet and wireless are detected but as unknown hardware.

I have checked the NetBSD wiki for the eee line, but it does not contain any
information on the 1005HAB.

Has anyone on this list gotten ethernet and/or wifi to work?

I can post a dmesg output later, but it will not be trivial since I have no
network on the machine.

Thanks in advance for any comments/suggestions!

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