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proplem with ntpd refclock and pps via parallel port

proplem with ntpd refclock and  pps via parallel port


on a different system I have type 22 pps working
ok from pps at ttl level to serial port. This seems
very temperature sensitive possibly due to 
incompatible input. Rather than add complication of 
ttl=>rs232 level conversion I've connected pps to 
parallel port and changed symlink to
/dev/pps0 => /dev/lpt0

With same kernel as on system working using pps 
to DCD of serial port, but with above symlink,
I was getting following in ntp.log at startup:
  refclock_atom: /dev/pps0: Interrupted system call
  configuration of failed

A google for above here gave some messages from
locals here (but 2005) suggesting use of 
atppc* at isa?, ppbus* at atppc?, pps* at pps?
so now I have dmesg with
   atppc0 at isa0 ......
   atppc0: capabilities=3<INTR,DMA>
   ppbus0 at atppc0
   lpt0 at ppbus0
   pps0 at ppbus0

I've just tried link pps0 => lpt0 and have same
output from ntpd as before.

How do I make /dev/pps0 and is this even working?

Using a dm1488 ttl => rs232 chip and back to 
serial port might be simpler.



ntpd startup:

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