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Re: Fix the Guide (Re: Recovering from botched update?)

On 26/01/2010, John Nemeth <> wrote:
> On Jun 18,  7:29am, Simon Burge wrote:
> } Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:
> }
> } > My /etc/mk.conf is empty.
> } >
> } > I wonder what the crucial difference here is.
>      I noticed that the host make can be used in determining TOOLDIR,
> so on a whim, I updated that.  No difference.

Thanks for looking in to this, it's really appreciated.

Would it be possible for you or someone else to perhaps let me (and
presumably the list)  know if/what/when these updates will be in the
guide?  Obviously I am very keen to try this again properly for my own
edification, but don't wish to follow the guide until it's updated.

Unfortunately I can't do a diff in my head, since I can't recall what
the old page would have looked like.  :)

Thanks In Advance,


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