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Re: Fix the Guide (Re: Recovering from botched update?)

On Jun 18,  7:29am, Simon Burge wrote:
} Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:
} > My /etc/mk.conf is empty.
} > 
} > I wonder what the crucial difference here is.

     I noticed that the host make can be used in determining TOOLDIR,
so on a whim, I updated that.  No difference.

} Not sure if this will help work out what is wrong here, but I always
} build with:
}        ./ ...
} John- might be an interesting experiment to rule out environmental
} concerns.

     Yes, this turned out to be an interesting experiment.  This
succeeded.  My environment didn't contain anything that looked too
onerous, but it did contain USETOOLS=never for convenience when I want
to do one-off stuff.  Removing that resolved the difference.  I never
noticed before because my full build script does
"./ ...  -T ...". has USETOOLS=yes in createmakewrapper(), but otherwise
doesn't do anything with it.  Perhaps it should be updated to set
USETOOLS=yes near the beginning?

     Thanks for helping to solve the mystery.

}-- End of excerpt from Simon Burge

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