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Re: Almost there...

On 01/19/2010 03:58 PM, Michael wrote:
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On Jan 18, 2010, at 11:28 PM, Stripes the Tiger Cub wrote:

X11 doesn't work, which is very frustrating because this feels like
the first time I installed Slackware over 15 years ago. X brings me to
what looks like a really large console instead of an X11. I was able
to get this working in Linux without configuring (X -configure).
However, I still cannot get it to work after download a few different
xorg.conf's for the Thinkpad X200.

Since you didn't give any details at all there is no way to even guess
what went wrong here.

have fun

Hehe, yes please add more details. :)

Are you starting X with startx, xdm , startkde. etc. etc ???
try and explain what you do.

If there are error messages, tell us the exact error message.
Best if you can copy paste the message or make the log file available so we can see it, as other said.

# hints that might help you - or not?!
For example if you use startx, you might need to look into you .xinitrc
in your home directory, if the file doesn't exist, create it and fill in the following.

.xinitrc file take out between the lines
xterm &
exec openbox-session

This is for openbox WM , in general its
exec a_windows_manger_of_your_choice.

Have you installed a windows manager of your choice?

i think twm is the the base Windows manager.

exec /usr/X11R7/bin/twm


With NetBSD i experienced problems running X properly without a
.xinitrc or .xsession file (?dunno why)

.xsession can have the same content as .xinitrc file

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