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Re: Status on NVidia Support In NetBSD?

> Hi all,

> I have some some research into this in advance of sending this email.
> So hopefully some kind souls here can fill in the blanks for me.

> I am seriously wanting to switch to NetBSD from Debian Linux for
> various reasons.  I really like the idea, philosophy and code of
> NetBSD over the other *BSDs (heck, I even ordered my NetBSD mug.  :P).
>  But if I read correctly that the "nv" open-source driver is the only
> real option currently on NetBSD, then this poses a problem, as I have
> used it under Linux already and note that:

> * It's really slow in updating the display -- just in terms of moving
> windows around the screen.

> * It makes watching video almost impossible,

For more than three years I used NetBSD on very old computer having
Athlon-800Mhz CPU and old NVidia card (I don't remember an exact type of
it). In truth to tell I don't remember any slowness. I also played most
of my video sucessfully (of course, not in HD quality :-) ) with xv
video output.  So, I'd say that nv(4) is not so bad as you're saying but
this probably because we understand "slowness" differently ;-) . Also I
don't use KDE/GNOME/BlaBlaBla desktop software and don't play 3D
games and .

This is how my "desktop" usually looks like

I had no any problem with nv(4) for all these years.

As for "Status on NVidia Support In NetBSD?" from subject
I think this

problem is more serious.

Right now I have no idea how to solve it.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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