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Re: Running a sustainable source code NetBSD system

2010/1/13 Herb Peyerl <>:
> On Jan 13, 2010, at 7:51 AM, Gary Duzan wrote:
>> In Message 
>> <>,
>> ÂDavid Brownlee <>wrote:
>> =>Thinking further, it might be nice to have an option to pkg_chk to mark
>> =>installed packages as out of date for pkg_rolling_replace to field -
>> what do
>> =>people think?
>> ÂAbsolutely. I also wouldn't mind an option to pkg_rolling-replace
>> to have it build new packages as well.
> I just started using pkgin and so far, that's a nice piece of work. ÂOrders
> of magnitude easier than pkg_comp and pkg_chk to deal with; though I realize
> it's only binary packages; and I haven't needed to do a 'pkgin update'
> yet... Â But this is definitely the right direction... Âpkg_{comp,chk} are
> great tools for pkgsrc developers; but that's it...
> For years, I've complained how unnecessarily difficult it was to _use_
> NetBSD because of pkgsrc... Â Hazzah for pkgin!

I like pkg_rolling-replace very much.
Once a month I check via pkg_chk -q -u if there are any updates and
run rolling-replace if necessary.
It works very well.


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