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Re: pkg_add recursive ftp doesn't work

On 1/4/10 4:17 PM, Dima Veselov wrote:

Somewhere between 4.99.51 and 5.0.1 i began to experience problems with pkg_add
using it against FTP server.

First, pkg_add don't want to install packages as a dependencies - it just says
nothing doing nothing. Installing one simple package make no problem.

Second, -v don't work as earlier - actually there is no difference using it.
Earlier many debug messages were displayed with -v, even ftp commands, now
i can't see what it trying to do.

Attached my environment, when starting pkg_add. What output I can provide else?

[root@newneo pkgsrc]$ pkg_add -V

I just added a PR for this, pkg/42607 that contains the workaround.


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