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Re: pkg_add recursive ftp doesn't work

Dima Veselov wrote:

Somewhere between 4.99.51 and 5.0.1 i began to experience problems with pkg_add
using it against FTP server.

First, pkg_add don't want to install packages as a dependencies - it just says
nothing doing nothing. Installing one simple package make no problem.

It's a known problem. There's a workaround: comment out the QUIT command in ftp.c, line 1042 of libfetch.

But this really does need to be fixed. I know that Joerg Sonnenberger (who gave me the workaround) was aware of the problem and has reproduced it, but hasn't been able to address it because of other issues he's working on.

It would seem that, as it is now, this workaround isn't adequate for being applied to the official pkg_install (otherwise I'm sure it would have been committed by now), so please consider it just that: a workaround.

There should definitely be a PR for this but I can't find one.


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