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Re: Xorg and thinkpad x200s

Hello Tobias,

you do not need to apologise! You're doing your job, and it is totally
my fault if I am ignorant. You gave a concise, good answer.
I am astrophysicist with a soft spot for BSD, not a developer like you.

Thanks a lot for your help and for NetBSD altogether!

Downloading now the (i386) snapshot.

I'll let you know whether this works, justin case somebody else is
using a thinkpad x200

Pau Amaro

>> thanks for your answer... but I do not speak Chinese... I must
>> apologise for my ignorance, but I do not understand a word of what you
>> say...
> My apologies. Basically it means we have a driver but it may not have
> been taught to recognise the specific hardware revision you have.
>> are there iso files for current snapshots, just as in openbsd?
> Yes. Try this one:
> -Tobias

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