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Re: Xorg and thinkpad x200s

thanks for your answer... but I do not speak Chinese... I must
apologise for my ignorance, but I do not understand a word of what you

are there iso files for current snapshots, just as in openbsd?


2010/1/9 Tobias Nygren <>:
> On Fri, 8 Jan 2010 22:49:18 +0100
> Pau <> wrote:
>> I just installed net 5.0.1 on a thinkpad x200s.
>> I cannot startx.
>> When I try to, I get the log file Xorg.0.log
>> When I create an xorg.conf file and I run X -config FILE, I get the
>> log file Xorg.1.log
>> Somehow there seems to be a problem with the driver. But I can startx
>> both with openbsd (xenorama) and freebsd (xorg).
>> Has anybody successfully started X on a thinkpad x200?
> Typically the out of memory error means the kernel didn't attach an AGP
> device. Intel driver needs AGP in order to steal host memory for the
> framebuffer. Check that the PCI product id of the AGP bridge is among
> the ones listed in src/sys/dev/pci/agp/agp_intel.c and if not add it.
> (It is possible that this is fixed in -current but not in netbsd-5.)
> -Tobias

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