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Re: netbsd 4.0 iwi0 woes

In article <>,
Jan Schaumann  <> wrote:
>Jan Schaumann <> wrote:
>> Jan Schaumann <> wrote:
>> > My laptop, an IBM thinkpad x41, used to run -current from quite a way
>> > before 4.0 was released, and I was reasonably content with it.  For some
>> > foolish reason I thought "hey, you should upgrade to 4.0", and so I did.
>> > 
>> > I built a 4.0 kernel from the same kernel config file I used previously,
>> > fetched the 4.0 binary sets from, rebooted the new kernel
>> > into single user mode, extracted the binary sets, ran postinstall and
>> > etcupgrade etc. and rebooted.
>> > 
>> > Everything seemed to go ok, only my wifi interface didn't work -- the
>> > old iwi-firmware package appeared not to be compatible.  So I installed
>> > iwi-firmware3.  And was able to get a DHCP lease from my wifi router.
>> > 
>> > Only... after a few seconds, the laptop would no longer be able to reach
>> > the default gateway (or anything else).  Reliably, each time I restarted
>> > networking, I would get a lease, be able to ping the gateway for about 3
>> > seconds, and then the connection would drop.
>> Same problem after upgrading to NetBSD 5.0.  iwi0 can't keep a
>> connection, when it has no problem doing that on 3.99.15.  So I had to
>> downgrade again.
>Some more digging into this, it appears that this is the revision that
>broke iwi for me (with my particular access point only):
>I think there was a somewhat sizeable rototill in the code there around
>the time of that revision, and NetBSD 4.x and 5.x are dealing
>differently with the iwi firmware, but that's the best I was able to
>track it down to.
>If anybody has any ideas on how to fix this, I'd be happy to test
>patches, lest I be stuck on NetBSD 3.99.15 forever (or until I buy a new
>access point).

Well, you can start un-applying the patches until it works. I doubt that
it has to do with the firmware load. Perhaps it has to do with 'disabling
bluetooth co-existance'.


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