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Re: A question of RAID

Frank Wille <> writes:

> I'm in the process to set up a new server, which is Atom-330 and
> ICH7/R based. I have two identical SATA disks in it and want to have
> RAID-1, but I found out that I have three options:
> - Software RAID via NetBSD's RAIDframe disk driver.
> - "ataraid" for IntelMatrixRAID (is ICH7/R really supported?)
> - Adaptec ASR 2405 hardware RAID (not supported, but seems to be
>   identical to already supported models, so I would add the code for it)

I always go for RAIDframe and RAID-1; disks are free compared to labor
hours.  I have used it for a long time, probably 2001ish, and it's been
solid.  One of the benefits is that a NetBSD kernel with EITHER of those
disks in any random box will work.  With a hardware RAID approach, you
need that particular controller.  So if you do hardware raid, and you
care about availability, I'd have spare of all the hardware on hand.

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