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Re: NetBSD macros

In article <20091222191930.1c2a7248@asgard>,
Jonathan Schleifer  <> wrote:
>> No, you certainly don't have to check which OS you're using a standard
>> API on.  You simply use that feature only in the ways it is compatible
>> with the _standard_ -- eg. in this case with getaddrinfo() you don't
>> try to use it from multiple threads!
>Ah, so you tell me to break POSIX, yes? POSIX says it's thread-safe.
>BSDs failed to have it thread-safe for a long time.

Getaddrinfo was added in NetBSD by itojun on 1999/07/01; the earliest
documentation I see for this is XNS Issue 5.2 draft 2.0 from 1999, and
mentions that they shall be thread-safe.


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