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Re: NetBSD 5.0 doesn't like DRAC

On 9/15/09 5:35 AM, Hugo Silva wrote:
Mike Bowie wrote:
On 9/14/09 2:07 PM, Hugo Silva wrote:
Hi everyone,

This has been talked about before,

I was caught up with this while trying to remotely install a netbsd-5
system via DRAC, being unable to do so due to the "uhidev0: bad input
length 8 != 0" messages.

Any chance this could be fixed ?

I've faced this problem myself... my preferred method is to setup
console redirection via ssh, ssh into the DRAC, "connect com2", then
supply the "consdev com1" option to the bootloader thingy via the UI
console; followed by "boot" from the serial console.  It's also simple
enough to build an ISO with console support enabled automagically, but
I've never taken the time.


Hello Mike,

I'm contacting you directly, I hope you don't mind. Will post back to
the lists when this is sorted out!

Welcome to the NetBSD 5.0.1 installation CD

ACPI should work on all modern and legacy hardware, however if you have
problems, please try disabling it.

If you encounter problems on hardware manufactured after 1998 with ACPI
enabled, please file a problem report including output from the 'dmesg'
booting cd0a:netbsd

At this point, I don't see any more output on my ssh session (to DRAC).
I set consdev com1, and then typed boot. The BIOS is set with
redirection to COM2. I have redirection after boot enabled as otherwise
I don't even get to see the boot loader; I know the machine isn't hung,
as my colleague accessing DRAC through https:// sees it booting, and
gets the "bad input" messages.

I'm not very experienced with serial consoles, so I might be missing
something obvious here. I tried setting the baud rate manually to 9600
too, with racadm and with the failsafe baud rate option @ the bios, to
no avail.

Have you experienced something similar in your adventures?

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience!

Best regards,



Many thanks to Mike Bowie for helping out with this one. I could get the installation going from a ssh session to DRAC, with his help, following these steps:

BIOS settings:
 Serial Communication        On with Console Redirection via COM2
 External Serial Connector    Remote Access Device
 Failsafe Baud Rate                9600
 Remote Terminal Type        VT100/VT220
 Redirection After Boot        Disabled

1. Using the DRAC web interface, drop to loader prompt and type consdev com1; at this point, the session will appear to be dead.
2. ssh to DRAC, type 'connect com2', and type boot.

At this point all I saw was garbage in my ssh session, this is where Mike's suggestion about trying to 'racadm config -g cfgIpmiSol -o cfgIpmiSolBaudRate 9600' saved the day. After setting that and reconnecting to com2, no more garbled output!

With "Redirection After Boot" enabled, I would see, in the ssh session, messages up to:

booting cd0a:netbsd

Then output stopped. It appears this option has to be disabled (note: you won't see the boot loader on the ssh session, so 'consdev com1' has to be typed on the https:// session instead)

I'm happily installing NetBSD 5.0.1 remotely as I type this email. Again, thanks a lot Mike!


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