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execname not specified in AUX vector


I've recently done a fresh install of NetBSD 5.0 (i386, on VMware
Fusion).  So far, everything seems to be fine, except for one problem
I've noticed with shell scripts:

For most of my shell scripts I'm using ksh93, built from the original
ast sources (not from pkgsrc; currently Version JM 93t+ 2009-05-01).  It
is installed as /opt/ast/bin/ksh, so that's also what the shebang line

Now, if I try to run such a script from the current directory, e.g.,

  $ ./script

I get the error message

  execname not specified in AUX vector: No such file or directory

There is no problem if the script is found in PATH and called as

  $ script

nor when I specify the full path, e.g.,

  $ ~+/script

Since I don't have this problem on NetBSD 4.0, it seems that something
has changed in 5.0.  I've googled for the error message but have found

I'd be grateful for any suggestion on what the problem may be.

Thanks and greetings

Dr.-Ing. Michael Piotrowski, M.A.                   <>
Public key at <> (ID 0x1614A044)

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