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Re: conversion from lower to higher RAID levels in RAIDframe

George Michaelson( said 2009.07.28 12:02:02 +0000:
> Am I right in thinking that you do *NOT* get free uplifting from  
> RAIDframe to convert RAID0 to RAID1, and RAID1 to RAID5? There isn't  
> some low level tech which does this for you?

Correct. The different RAID levels have completely different concepts behind
them, so they are not really related, other than the fact they use a number
of disks to either provide speed boosts or add redundancy in case of single
disk failure (only RAID6 can protect you from a double failure, at a cost of
disk space, AFAIK) or even a combination of those. 
If you have a RAID setup and wish to change it, you will need to arrange for
temporary storage big enough to hold the data, so you can move it from your
old RAID, onto the temp store, and then from the temp store onto the new
Consider it equivalent to switching file system. All file systems do the
same job (i.e. storing files), but in completely different ways.

> That, you have to take data *off* the old stripe-state to somewhere  
> else, and then re-write it back into the clean, parity-initialized new  
> RAID<n> level that you are 'upscaling' into?

As said, there is no upscaling involved, it's moving to something completely

> -George


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