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Re: suspend questions

On Jul 16, 2009, at 10:16 AM, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:

On Thu, 16 Jul 2009, Goran wrote:

I read that I may need to run vbetool to turn my display back on. How do I trigger that? I have powerd running ... any sensor/trigger to identify the

Also I don't even know how to unsuspend. Just press power button?
Open laptop lid?

On Dell Latitude Plattform you can press the power button (if lid is
opened) or open the lid (if lid is closed). If you're using a docking
stations power button (and/or dell-monitor-stand power button) the lid
can stay closed (in conjunction with an external monitor).


I already use a powerd script to handle the power button to do a shutdown.
Do I need to disable that. I am unclear whether this means that powerd
will also run the sleep_button script after my power_button script. Or I
can just rewrite my power_button script to do something to suspend.

I think that that's more a BIOS issue -- it decides what to do with the power switch. At least, I've seen that in several different BIOSes, and on my Thinkpad it can wake from suspend or initiate a shutdown if I press it when the machine is awake.

I also already use powerd script lid_switch to run "vbetool dpms on" to turn my display back on when released. Any sysctls I should also be using?

Not that I know of -- when the sysctl call to write to sleep_state returns, the machine has awakened from suspension, so it does the wakeup activities.

(Sorry I just can't find any docs about this.)

Where is the machdep.sleep_state sysctl tunable documented?

Thanks for your info...

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