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Re: suspend questions

On Thu, 16 Jul 2009, Goran wrote:

> > I read that I may need to run vbetool to turn my display back on. How do I 
> > trigger that? I have powerd running ... any sensor/trigger to identify the 
> > unsuspend?
> > 
> > Also I don't even know how to unsuspend. Just press power button?
> > Open laptop lid?
> On Dell Latitude Plattform you can press the power button (if lid is
> opened) or open the lid (if lid is closed). If you're using a docking
> stations power button (and/or dell-monitor-stand power button) the lid
> can stay closed (in conjunction with an external monitor).


I already use a powerd script to handle the power button to do a shutdown. 
Do I need to disable that. I am unclear whether this means that powerd 
will also run the sleep_button script after my power_button script. Or I 
can just rewrite my power_button script to do something to suspend.

I also already use powerd script lid_switch to run "vbetool dpms on" to 
turn my display back on when released. Any sysctls I should also be using? 
(Sorry I just can't find any docs about this.)

Where is the machdep.sleep_state sysctl tunable documented?

Thanks for your info...

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