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Re: suspend questions

On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 10:08 AM, Jeremy C. Reed<> 
> On Thu, 16 Jul 2009, Steven M. Bellovin wrote:
>> > I read that I may need to run vbetool to turn my display back on. How
>> > do I trigger that? I have powerd running ... any sensor/trigger to
>> > identify the unsuspend?
>> Look at /etc/powerd/scripts/* -- they're supposed to handle all of
>> that.  Briefly, they do some housekeeping, then do the magic sysctl
>> (machdep.sleep_state=3)
> I use powerd. But couldn't find anything about suspend there. Now I see
> the sleep_button script (after grepping for "sleep").
> I am unclear what this sleep_button is. I don't know what a sleep button
> device is. I have a "Hibernate" function key (Fn + F2) on my keyboard. (I
> have not pressed it yet.) I guess that is it. (... Now I see your comment
> below.)
> This is a 4.0 system. I will see what I can test with a new kernel (and
> old userland) before upgrading.
>> Btw -- the default script for 'close lid' doesn't suspend, as I recall,
>> but it's easy to change.
> Okay, I didn't think about that. In my case, I'd prefer not to suspend on
> just closing the lid. But maybe if the system has lid closed and has not
> been used in 10 minutes then suspend.
>> > Also I don't even know how to unsuspend. Just press power button?
>> > Open laptop lid?
>> Platform-dependent, but that's generally it.  On my Thinkpad, hitting
>> the Fn key will work, too.
> Okay.
>> > Any instructions or examples would be useful.
>> >
>> > Also what about suspend to disk? I can't find any docs on that, but I
>> > found many postings about it working or not working.
>> As far as I know, there's no support for that in NetBSD.
> Okay. I was confused by the many different stories.

I have a patch there to change the lid switch to use vbetool.

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