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Re: suspend questions

On Thu, 16 Jul 2009, Steven M. Bellovin wrote:

> > I read that I may need to run vbetool to turn my display back on. How
> > do I trigger that? I have powerd running ... any sensor/trigger to
> > identify the unsuspend?
> Look at /etc/powerd/scripts/* -- they're supposed to handle all of
> that.  Briefly, they do some housekeeping, then do the magic sysctl
> (machdep.sleep_state=3)

I use powerd. But couldn't find anything about suspend there. Now I see 
the sleep_button script (after grepping for "sleep").

I am unclear what this sleep_button is. I don't know what a sleep button 
device is. I have a "Hibernate" function key (Fn + F2) on my keyboard. (I 
have not pressed it yet.) I guess that is it. (... Now I see your comment 

This is a 4.0 system. I will see what I can test with a new kernel (and 
old userland) before upgrading.

> Btw -- the default script for 'close lid' doesn't suspend, as I recall,
> but it's easy to change.

Okay, I didn't think about that. In my case, I'd prefer not to suspend on 
just closing the lid. But maybe if the system has lid closed and has not 
been used in 10 minutes then suspend.

> > Also I don't even know how to unsuspend. Just press power button?
> > Open laptop lid?
> Platform-dependent, but that's generally it.  On my Thinkpad, hitting
> the Fn key will work, too.


> > Any instructions or examples would be useful.
> > 
> > Also what about suspend to disk? I can't find any docs on that, but I 
> > found many postings about it working or not working.
> As far as I know, there's no support for that in NetBSD.

Okay. I was confused by the many different stories.


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