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Re: ppp unstable


Well 2h is nothing. I currently pay 25 EUR monthly for G3 data.
After 5 GB per month, they limit you to GPRS "speed".

A test should be done over weeks. I am not moving my G3 currently. It is always the same tower.

Currently, I use a Huawei E160. It crashes a older PC just when you plug it in. So I guess if it works or not has to do with the hardware and possibly NetBSD 5 has different bugs for different USB chip when it comes to umodem.


Am 14.07.2009 um 20:03 schrieb Magnus Eriksson:


I am using a HUAWEI_E220 with current and had 0 panics. I am even unplugging the card while pppd is running and connected. It is extremely stable for me. In fact I travelled 2 hours from Long Island to New York and it kept the connection up all the time.

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