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Re: cgd newfs problem

On Wed, 08 Jul 2009 10:52:17 +0200, "Nino on NetBSD 4.0" 
> Dear NetBSD users,
> In my endeavours to make NetBSD my main OS, I tried to set up the CGD
> encryption method. Specifically, as I am still testing it, I did not wish
> to dedicate an entire partition to it, but tried to make a file and use
> vnd. Unfortunately, I cannot do a newfs on the file.
> In my last try I tried to follow the instructions by Hubert Feyrer:
> and that is the part where I get a failure message:
> # cgdconfig -V re-enter cgd0 /dev/vnd0a $base.cgd
>      /dev/vnd0a's passphrase:
>      re-enter device's passphrase:
> # newfs /dev/cgd0a
> The cgdconfig command executes just fine and asks me for my passphrase.
> then, when I try to execute newfs, I just get a message "device busy". Do
> do something wrong? Or should I do something different? - I DID first
> create the vnd device, and then on top of it I did cgdconfig, so I do not
> understand why newfs refuses to function.
> Your kind help will be highly appreciated.
> Kind regards,
> Nino

Did you make partition on it?

Regards Menuhin

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