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Re: dlopen(), atexit() SEGV in NetBSD


2009/7/8 Thor Lancelot Simon <>:
> On Wed, Jul 08, 2009 at 01:10:50PM +0530, Channa wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am facing some issue with atexit handler in NetBSD.
>> The procedure to reproduce the problem i have explained below:
> [...]
>> Because after a dlopened library that calls atexit() the
>> is dlclosed, an executable can't
>> access a registered handler in the library and causes SEGV.
> Well, of course it does.  The documentation is quite clear:
>     dlclose() unlinks and removes the object referred to by handle from the
>     process address space.

Yes but while calling fini functions in the dynamic linker , the
__cxa_finalize is called during that time the atexit() handlers
registered in the library can be called?

Or is there a method to unregister the atexit() handlers registered
while dlclose()?

Thanks & Regards,

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