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muti-disk layout


I have to transition my main server to NetBSD from Debian since the new
linux kernel segfaults when I try to check the status of the hardware
raid card.  Prior to this, I need to do a full-up test on a spare
computer to get comfortable with more than just base NetBSD (e.g.
pkg-src, crypto-disk driver, security fixes, email, etc) since I've only
ever used BSD on stand-alone systems.  Once I get comfortable with the
test box, I'll set the main box up.

The test box is a P-II-233, 64 MB ram.  It has two drives.  The master
on the first IDE controller is 1624 MB (the only one the machine will
boot for some reason), the slave IDE drive is 8455 MB (bios doesn't see
any drives if this is in the first IDE position).  There's a DVD burner
as master on the second IDE controller.

I need to figure out the best way to partition things.  The machine must
boot off of, and therefore the / fs needs to be on the 1624 MB drive.
I'll want /home (say 900 MB) on that drive too (ready for burning a CD).  

I can put the rest on the 8455 MB drive.  

I need enough space to install binary packages (links web browser, xpdf,
fluxbox, mrxvt, vim; nothing too big).  

I need enough space to hold sources to be able to compile and apply
security fixes (base and, if need be, pkg-src although I hope to be able
to only use binary packages).

In the install manual and the NetBSD guide, it looks like the installer
only asks to which drive do you wish to install; it doesn't look like
you can choose both.  Is it in fact possible, or do you install to one,
then move things around later?  Do I install everything to the 1624 MB
drive, then create partitions on the 8455 MB drive for /usr/src and

How much space, and where, does compiling take?  Does it use a big /tmp
which should go on the 8455 MB drive?

Could you suggest some strategies?



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