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Re: muti-disk layout

  The test box is a P-II-233, 64 MB ram.  It has two drives.  The master
  on the first IDE controller is 1624 MB (the only one the machine will
  boot for some reason), the slave IDE drive is 8455 MB (bios doesn't see
  any drives if this is in the first IDE position).  There's a DVD burner
  as master on the second IDE controller.

I would just install to the first drive and then make a single large
filesystem on the second drive after you are up.

I'm a fan of separate / swap /var /usr.  You really don't need much for
root.  With 64M ram you may need some swap.  /var does not need to be
too big except for logs.  So I'd go

/   128M
/var 128M
/usr rest of wd0
  (make a /usr/home inside /usr, or put it in /u0/home - not sure why
  you don't want homedirs on the big disk))

swap 512M on wd1
/u0  rest of wd1

You can then symlink /usr/pkg to /u0/pkg before you install packages.
You can also move and symlink /var/db/pkg which on my desktop is 174M,
but on a server without gnome etc. won't be so big.  On an
apache/svn/trac/pgsql/etc. server it's only 6.4M.

You can put /usr/src and /usr/pkgsrc on /u0 with no problems.

Building the entire OS (netbsd-5 for i386) takes up space (all in KB):
  1073768 src
  754256  xsrc
  499608  destdir/i386
  2420102 i386
  230986  releasedir/i386
  118248  tools

I may have old stuff in my objdir so this may not be quite as bad.  Just
building the cross tools and then rebuilding and installing a few
programs is not nearly as bad - the above is the full build that gets an
iso image you can install from.

Or you can make the first disk all /, which some people like.  I don't
like / to run out of space when /var or /usr fills up, and I'm
traditional - Sixth Edition practice was to have separate filesystems
and I've stuck with it.

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