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Re: disabling warnings when booting w/o IPv6 in kernel (AKA postfix idiot question)

On Wed, Jul 01, 2009 at 10:38:10AM -0700, Chuck Swiger wrote:
> If tweaking inet_protocols doesn't help, it's possible that rebuilding  
> the postfix binary (or even the system libraries plus userland  
> binaries) in your IPv4-only context might work.  The messages come  
> from src/util/inet_proto.c; the docs discuss a #define NO_IPV6....

It's unlikely. I've sent numerous messages and created some PRs stating
that software uses the presence of ipv6 related defined constants as
indication that ipv6 actually is present and that it's safe to assume
that you can build and lateron run ipv6 related code on NetBSD.
MKINET6=no/USE_INET6=no is not supported. See e.g. PR 39603 for what
dragons are waiting out there to fry you. 39605 also comes from a time
where I tried to live with ipv6. I'm still not using a bit of it. I
still don't love it as der Mouse [iirc] suggested I should learn to. 

So to really play sane, don't you dare switch off ipv6!

-Martin :(

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