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Re: PSTN adsl router

On Jun 22, 2009, at 12:55 AM, Zafer AydoÄan wrote:
On Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 5:48 PM, Christos Zoulas<> wrote:
In article <>,
Andreas Moschos  <> wrote:
i would like to use NetBSD on my home adsl pstn router (currently
PHILIPS CGA5722N ) does anybody know if there is a chance i could load
NetBSD on this one ? (directions would be appreciated also).
In the case it is not possible, any suggestions on the platform i could
use at EUROPE/GREECE (mentioning just for the local TELECOM
specifications) that could load NetBSD on it and use it for this purpose
I prefere to use a router/"embedded device" NOT a pc with a card
installed on it.

These all run linux and I think nobody has pported NetBSD to them.

I think Fredrik Pettai ( is working on porting NetBSD
to the mips based La Fonera routers.

The porting for the hardware is already done (and not by me) for MERAKI, which is almost identical to FON. So the kernel for running on a FON2100 is basically a copy of the MERAKI kernel conf with some minor adjustments. Unfortunately, I still have problems getting the Atheros Wifi to work on my FON.

And AFAIK know, there isn't any driver in NetBSD for reading/writing to the flash.
(But it looks like task is assigned now:

So I think you better stick with OpenWRT or equal at the moment...


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