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two NetBSD images on the same disk?

For reasons given below, I would like to have two different bootable
NetBSD images on the same disk.  Is this possible?  At one point at
least, I seem to recall that root could only be on the 'a' slice, and
that slice definitions were per-disk, not per-fdisk partition.

More specifically -- I have a remote machine running xen3/i386/4.0.  I
would like to upgrade it to xen33/amd64/5.0, but the thought of trying
to do that remotely is, shall we say, daunting.  However -- the disk
(well, disks; there's a RAID setup that complicates things) has a free
fdisk partition that's easily big enough for an amd64 dom0.

So -- what I would like to do is to install (probably by hand)
amd64/5.0 in that partition.  I'd then like to boot it -- first
stand-alone, later as a dom0.  It's easy enough to configure grub to do
that, but will NetBSD be happy?

Next -- assuming I can boot the amd64 partition, can it mount the i386
file system, for access to the vnd disk images of the domUs?

                --Steve Bellovin,

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