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NetBSD Security Advisory 2009-004 on AMD64

Hi netbsd-users,

I am running 2 NetBSD 5.0 amd64 servers. Both are vulnerable to the
"NetBSD OpenPAM passwd(1) changing weakness".
I followed the Solutions provided here ->

and as i do make USETOOL=no cleandir dependall in the pam_unix
directory. The build fails with

make: don't know how to make /usr/src/lib/libutil/ Stop

make: stopped in /usr/src/lib/libpam/modules/pam_unix
*** Error code 2

I am able to compile pam_unix only if i compile libutils,libcrypto and
librpcsvc with
make USETOOLS=no cleandir all
and once those libraries are built the pam_unix build completes
successfully. Isn't that how it should be documented in


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