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Cellphone connection - faster? Or other?

Dear NetBSD group members,

I am calling from one phone to another one,
each phone being connected to a NetBSD
system. When the call is taken, a serial
connection is established between both
computers, and with the help of slattach
that serial connection can be turned into
a TCP/IP connection.

But it is SLOW. - The problem here is not
actually NetBSD at all, it is the cell
phone network that simply limits the
connection speed to 9600 baud.

However, when the phones connect, there are
actually TWO serial connections - one
over ttyU0 and one over ttyU1. I now thought
the situation can be improved if BOTH
connections were somehow bundled and used as
one connection, thus giving the double

I would be very grateful if you could point
me into the right direction. I see three

1. somehow bundle TWO ttys instead of one
into a network interface with slattach; I
saw nothing of that in the man page though;

2. slattach will create network interfaces
for each tty, but then THESE interfaces will
be bundled into some kind of virtual
interface - I have never done anything
thelike and I am pretty clueless on this -
do you have any suggestion what I should
search for and what commands may be involved?
I just would like to be pointed into the
right direction, I'll then do some research
on my own;

3. not use a normal modem connection, but
use some of the weird possibilities of
modern times. This is not a NetBSD-question,
still, as most of you are experienced in
various technical affairs, I thought I might
ask for some ideas. - Here, however, I am
clueless. I need a cellphone-to-cellphone
connection for two computers, so what could
be done? I have e.g. heard of GPRS, but I
do not think I can use this cellphone-to-
cellphone... or am I wrong?

Please let me know whether anything could
be done regarding possibilities 1 and 2, and
I am especially curious to hear whether you
have any comments on possibility 3.

Thank you in advance for your kind help.

Kind regards,

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