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Re: Cellphone connection - faster? Or other?

On Tue, 16 Jun 2009, Nino on NetBSD 4.0 wrote:

3. not use a normal modem connection, but
use some of the weird possibilities of
modern times.

I used this document to set up a connection using my phone, and found it reasonably easy to follow, even though some things were different:

(Thanks Frank!)

I have e.g. heard of GPRS, but I do not think I can use this cellphone-to- cellphone... or am I wrong?

In principle, you are just as connected as with any other form of Internet access, so it should just work.

(But if it is true as others have said that you will be behind NAT then some trickery might be needed. I *think* it is even possible to open a direct connection between the two without having to pass all traffic through a separate server.)


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