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Re: cu take not working?

Nino on NetBSD 4.0 <> wrote:

> Interestingly, I tried putting a "#" as EOF
> variable, putting it at the end of my file,
> too, in order to escape any problem with EOF
> characters, but somehow that did not work. I
> do not exclude the possibility, though, that
> somehow this has been reset or something. I
> assumed ~take should stop immediately upon
> encountering the #-character.

~take doesn't use any of the variables, it always uses ^A.

> Anyway - the funny part is, these were two
> identical NetBSD systems (dd'd a drive on the
> other), and both were using as shell the
> built-in sh.

Does it have command line editing turned on by default?

I encountered this cu vs. line-editing problem for the first time in
early 90s when I started using bash.  The workaround is to run 

    $ sh

or, if line-editing is now on by default:

    $ sh +o emacs

before doing ~take, and then exit it after ~take completes.

> From your mail I understand it is simply
> best to have both versions of cu, for any
> values of "does".

Dunno.  If the serial is your only link, using minicom might be a
better option as was already suggested (i don't have much experience
with it myself), or at least using lrzsz with cu manually instead of
~take.  I don't think that installing Tailor's UUCP just for its cu
really makes much sense.

SY, Uwe
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